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About Federico Winer

Federico Winer, born in Buenos Aires in 1973, is a multitalented artist, photographer, professor at the University of Buenos Aires and producer. With backgrounds coming from Political Science, Philosophy, Architecture and the arts. 

His acclaimed photographic work ULTRADISTANCIA explores the boundaries between travel photography, geography, urbanism and digital art. A reflection about the possibilities of travel without movement that new technologies and satellite imagery at our fingertips allow us. The manifests of an extreme distance of looking, so fond to photographers as well as travellers, geographers and philosophers. 

He has exhibited worldwide including solo and collective art shows in Buenos Aires, New York, Melbourne, Bangkok, Córdoba, Toronto, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Madrid and Barcelona.

His work has also been featured prominently worldwide in the media with articles and reviews in The Huffington Post, Photoworld China, La Reppublica, Gizmodo, Arcdhaily, Bangkok Post, Corriere della Sera, The Creators Project, Courier Internacional, Le Journal de Montreal, LensCulture, Forbes Magazine, Vice, Design Boom, The Atlantic, The Guardian, among many others. 

Editioned and numbered prints from ULTRADISTANCIA are available. Commissions and assignments works upon request.

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